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Agedo Karate

Adult Classes

Agedo, or “The Way of the Open Door, is a Japanese family martial art style. Based on Shotokan Karate, it contains many of the hard, linear movements that exemplify the karate styles. However, it also contains many elements from the softer styles: turning of another’s energy, energy conservation, strategy and circular movements. Every technique is practical in application and the bunkai (reasons behind the moves) are taught to make the art a useful part of the student’s abilities. Agedo also challenges the mental aspects of students: study is involved and books are assigned for reading and to gain knowledge. “Breaking” challenges the spiritual parts of those in Agedo, and is an integral part of one’s learning to focus, learning to use proper techniques, learning how to concentrate their energy and put aside one’s fears. In Agedo, we break boards, rocks, blocks and more. The art of Agedo is appropriate for all ages and physical abilities, as instructors work with students on an individual level and do not lead classes as just a herd!


Kid's Classes

Our Children’s classes are designed to help children improve focus, concentration skills, listening skills, the ability to follow directions, increasing self-confidence and develop their discipline skills. Children enjoy traditional karate and kendo classes, which are taught at their level by expert instructors with over 35 individual years of teaching experience!