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EZ Defense for Women

This program utilizes verbal skills to thwart aggression, whether it is from a stranger on the street, a boss or co-worker, or a casual acquaintance. 80% of the five hour seminar is learning the verbal skills, while the other 20% is what to do if the verbal skills are not enough.

EZ Defense for Women and EZ Defense for Children are highly-specialized self-defense programs designed to teach participants to successfully handle the multitude of confrontations that occur in our fast-pace world. Unlike most programs that concentrate on what to do when attacked, EZ Defense students learn to assess danger, set boundaries, respond effectively to verbal attacks, prevent physical attacks, and cope with the adrenal rush that occurs in any threatening situation. These programs draw upon 30 years of intensive research and development.

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EZ Defense for Children

EZ Defense for Children covers everything from how to handle bullies effectively without violating zero-tolerance policies, to stranger danger and how to deal with adult threats. Taught in a safe, supportive environment with expert instructors, children feel more confident coming away with a sense of empowerment.  These seminars are taught once a month, on a Saturday, and are approximately 3 hours long.  Snacks and water are provided.  Children receive a certificate upon completion of the seminar.  Cost is $45.00 and reservations are required, as space is limited.  If you have a child or know someone who does, this is a highly-recommended seminar.  Please go here to see dates for the next class and sign your child up today! Call today (865) 691-4088.


NOTE: Arts of the Samurai teaches EZ-Defense for Women and for Children, a nationally recognized self-defense course. Most of the time an attack can be avoided by using verbal skills and environmental awareness, among other things. The videos to the right are just examples of some of the skills you will learn in this class. Disclaimer: You CANNOT learn the full extent of these skills simply by viewing videos, and viewing sample videos is no substitute for hands-on learning. It is imperative you complete the 4-hour course to obtain the proper skill set.