What is Agedo Karate?

Agedo, or “The Way of the Open Door,” is a Japanese family martial art style. Based on Shotokan Karate, it contains many of the hard, linear movements that exemplify the karate styles. However, it also contains many elements from the softer styles: turning of another’s energy, energy conservation, strategy and …

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Karate & Weapons Classes

Our Instructors

Sensei Toni McSorley

Head Agedo Karate Instructor

Sensei Toni McSorley, the head instructor and shihan, brings over 40+ years of Martial Arts experience to the classroom, where students receive a “liberal arts” education in a style which encompasses open-handed, weaponed, and grappling arts. She was recently promoted to the rank of 10th degree by the International Alliance Ranking Board.

Sensei McSorley has been inducted into the US National Martial Arts Hall of Fame five times: Woman of the Year (2001), Female Master of the Year (2002), Head Founder of the Year (2003), Chaplain of the Year (2004) and as the first female Pioneer Award Recipient (2005).

In 2009, Sensei Toni received the Platinum Award for 45 years of service in the martial arts: “I was the first woman to receive a Platinum Award. That was cool!” Please see her interview by Linda Lange at Knox News HERE.

From Sensei Toni McSorley:

"I feel I have an obligation to teach. I see what wonderful things happen to people. They make remarkable changes in their lives because they have the strength to go forward and do the things they have always dreamed about doing,"

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