Naginata Class

Classes: Tuesday 6pm-7pm

Please note: Naginata Class is for Adults Only!

Once a student has attained a sufficient level of proficiency in Kendo, they may be invited to join the Naginata class. The Naginata is a traditional battlefield weapon of Japan that is part bo, part spear, and part sword, with a reach of 6’10”. The shaft is wood, topped by 21” of bladed steel.

This class is very formal and traditional: the Naginata is a beautiful weapon that is very rewarding to learn, but it requires great skill and concentration to use. The stances, cuts, positions and terminology are identical to the Kendo classes, but the flexibility of the Naginata is what makes it so challenging and fascinating.

Today, Naginata is regarded primarily as a woman’s weapon and is relegated to sport competition, where a bamboo replica is used. At Arts of the Samurai, we take the Naginata back to when it was a useful weapon which men used on the battlefield and which women used to defend the home.

Because we work with live weapons, the Naginata Class, (just like the Kendo Class) is very formal in its etiquette. This ensures safety for the students. Students must develop a certain proficiency in Kendo with a live blade before applying to the Naginata class. Upon approval, they may enter the class – and join in the training and fun!